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Dwight and Micah!
Studio: Chaosmen

I was really excited about putting these two together.

Micah is an awesome Top, but he likes to cum from being fucked. Dwight is still on the fence about getting fucked, BUT he finally relented and sucked some cock.

Yes, a cock has finally touched Dwights lips!

You can tell it is his first time, but he adapts quickly enough, and though you couldnt say he has turned pro, he ramped it up to a nice level. He certainly kept Micah hard.

Dwight stays hard while blowing him too. You may notice, most guys cocks go down when they give head ‘cuz they are focusing so much on keeping the other guy hard. But not Dwight. He stays bone hard while sucking cock. Hmmmmm..

Im not saying anything, cuz even when I do blow jobs, I rarely get hard, but I am saying that at least he doesnt look like he is hating it, and is in fact enjoying it, despite fighting his gag reflex.

And the fucking goes very smoothly too. Micah has taken some big stiff cocks, and Dwights seems to be getting bigger, but Micah agreed after the shoot that his cock was perfect for getting fucked by. Again he only wilts a little while getting fucked- truly enjoying himself.

Some shoots take hours to get 20 minutes, but this was one of those videos where I basically let them do their thing and we just had to stop to take pictures once. Its is so NICE to have a shoot where there is chemistry and a general ease to it all.

Dwight is really making some headway, and I love how Micah has become a seasoned pro!

Format: mp4
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Dwight and Micah. Dwight and Micah.
Dwight and Micah Dwight and Micah.

new cock download - (Dwight and Micah)
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Dwight and Micah



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Fuck Frenzy .

Fuck Frenzy (anal sex, kiss, uncut, english)
Release Year: 2016
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Video language: English

We’re not totally convinced that cigars come as standard issue for enlisters in the Czech army, but they’re clearly one little luxury that young recruits, Joel Vargas, and new boy, Kyle Willis, are determined to make the very most of. Not that anyone could possibly blame them for taking a break from a life of fighting and ; and, finding a quiet corner of the woods to relax, these two horny fighters take a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures that only long, hard phallic objects can give a man.

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english anal sex kiss - (Fuck Frenzy) Fuck Frenzy (english, anal sex, uncut, kiss)
Fuck Frenzy - uncut, kiss, english, anal sex Fuck Frenzy - anal sex, uncut, kiss, english

Fuck Frenzy
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Fuck Frenzy - anal sex, english, uncut, kiss




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Pack Attack 7 – Troy Daniels .

Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels.
Release Year: 2016
Studio: Hot House

he pack is back and this time they’ve ordered their bottom via special delivery. Troy Daniels arrives in a crate marked “fragile” but the horny, -hung studs in Pack Attack 7 don’t know the meaning of the word.

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vid fat gay time - (Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels) Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels.
Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels (fat gay, time, hot house, vid) Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels - fat gay, time, vid, hot house, tit

time fat gay vid - (Pack Attack 7 - Troy Daniels)
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mirror ride stud - (Kun also ultra)
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Another virgin Kun also ultra-chest or accidentally licking cum from ass straight man rides 100 minutes packed athlete packed!

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Kun also ultra!
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The Porthole .

fat natural price job (The Porthole).
Studio: Active Duty

Active Duty: Domenic mans the porthole and what a natural fit he is. The cocks start coming through and it’s your job to guess which cock belongs to who. The cocks on the other side include: Reese, Kaden, Kasey, Spencer and Damien. The first cock comes through the hole as soon as the camera comes on and it’s a nice, big, fat cock and Domenic grabs it immediately and starts sucking it. With each new cock Domenic seems to adopt a whole new technique just for that cock. A quick view from the other side reveals the cocks lined up as the boys are clad in their plain white boxers. Five cocks in all wait for service on the other side as one is being serviced; the other four wait their turn as they stroke themselves and each other. Domenic is ready for the call of duty as he services whatever comes through the hole. And he’s doing it with grace and integrity.
Another cock comes through the hole for Domenic and he’s staying the course. Reese pulls down the boxers of the cockowner to reveal a beautiful ass and starts eating it while Domenic services the cock on the other side of the porthole. What a perfect round ass it is as Reese buries his face deep in it and his tongue far up it. All this action has gotten Domenic hard and horny and he’s ready for some servicing of his own. Kaden steps up to bat and mans Domenic’s cock as he services it as well as Domenic serviced his. Domenic’s cock is long, hard and perfect and Kaden is worshipping it like it might be the God of cocks. Watching this is so fucking hot. Kaden sucking a cock is one of those priceless things to witness as he does so with such care and enthusiasm Kasey comes in to help his partner in crime and the two of them take turns worshipping the long, thick cock as Domenic enjoys two mouths for his hard work earlier. While Kasey mans Domenic’s cock, Kaden turns his attention to Reese’s fat meat and things heat up on both sides of the hole. The boys form a circle around Kaden as Kasey keeps Domenic’s cock entertained and Kaden makes his way around the circle, sucking all three cocks equally as good as the last. He strokes two as he sucks one and it’s three for one as he makes his rounds. Kasey is doing a fine job on Domenic all the while. Domenic then does some watching through the porthole as he watches Kaden suck all the cocks.
One by one, the cocks start to cum and the first one explodes right through the hole as Domenic grabs it and milks the load out. Domenic strokes his own hard cock as he waits for the next erupting cock to come through. When the huge cock comes through it blows a fat wad all over the place, making a huge mess of the porthole as well as all over Domenic’s uniform. The third cock to come quickly comes through and blows an even bigger load of cum through the hole. The floor is covered in hot jizz.

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The Porthole (job, price, fat)! The Porthole (price, job, natural, hot)
The Porthole. The Porthole

The Porthole (hot, natural, fat, price)
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job natural fat - (The Porthole)




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solo hot (Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex).
Release Year: 2014
Studio: RandyBlue
Cast: Brett Swanson, Dustin Holloway
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Tattoos. Twink.

Description: Dustin has never done anything with a man before. This straight midwestern stud had just finished his solo and was ready to jump into making some quality HD Gay Video Porn. But once he saw the musclebound Brett Swan walk in as his scene partner, he got a little nervous. Brett decided to ease the tension with a back rub. Then he told Dustin to rub him down a little. As Dustin started to touch his bulging biceps and chiseled pecs, he began to get hard. Brett sucked on his dick and then made Dustin taste his first cock. Dustin loved it. Soon he bent Brett over and began to fuck the hell out of him. Brett rode his cock and loved having that straight boy pound deep inside of him. Finally Dustin fucked the cum out of Brett and then pulled out and came all over him and his smooth chest. They kissed in the afterglow of such a hot fuck session. Dustin had his first taste of man sex, and I think he liked it. A lot. Be sure to look at all our free gay porn pics of the scene right here at Randy Blue.

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Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex (kiss, solo, new, gay, hot) Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex (kiss, solo, hot).
Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex.

Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex...
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Musclebound Brett Swanson introduces straight boy Dustin Holloway to gay sex (gay, new, kiss, hot, solo)




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Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade – BareAdventures (cock sucking, video, big dick, wank) …

cock sucking big dick (Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures)...
Studio: Bare Adventures

If you’re going to be caught wanking by someone, you’d better hope it’s another horny twink! Connick Dade is lucky enough to be caught out by a very horny Jouye Dorantez and it’s no surprise when he jumps right in as the amount of meat Connick is packing is quite impressive! Pulling out his own big dick — taking Connick by surprise — Jouye can hardly wait for a meat exchange. These two loving the mutual cock sucking as they twist and turn around for each other. It’s a toss-up as to who fucks who, but Jouye wins out and gets Connick face down in the bed with his ass high and spread. Easing his way into his toned fuck mate, Connick begs for the stiff raw dick! With the best hole fucking we’ve seen in ages, Connick spurts jets of hot cum all over the bed, swiftly followed by a hole and ball soaking from Jouye — amazing!

Format: mov (QuickTime)
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Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures! Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures.
Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures. cock sucking wank (Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures).

wank video (Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures)...
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Jouye Dorantez and Connick Dade - BareAdventures




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Carried out in the Bank – english, gay picture .

Carried out in the Bank (car, tit, gay picture, english)
Release Year: 2012
Studio: Acceed
Video language: English

Carried out in the Bank of midnight, secret overtime! On a table in the corner of the ATM, the desire to pour!

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Carried out in the Bank.
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car tit english - (Carried out in the Bank)




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Jock Inn – Room Service (hole, cumshots) .

Jock Inn - Room Service (cumshots, hole, anal, big dick)
Release Year: 2014
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Ordering room service is a great hotel luxury and the menus are filled with treats of all sizes. Darius fancies something he saw in the restaurant earlier, tall, Mediterranean and tasty. A perfect excuse to get Leo in his hotel room, alone. He gets his way with him and much more than he bargained for when his horny room-mate returns mid-fuck! Diesel & Leo tag team Darius’s sweet fuck hole and mouth. He couldn’t be more in rapture! The boys blow their loads over bottom boy Darius’s sweet, smooth skin.

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Jock Inn - Room Service - anal, cumshots, hole, big dick Jock Inn - Room Service!
Jock Inn - Room Service! men cumshots hole anal (Jock Inn - Room Service).

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Extra Big Dicks – The Photo Studio Part 2 .

Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 (mirror, dick, getting)...
Release Year: 2016
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Jace Chambers is calling his assistant Anthony Jones into the photo studio. He tells Anthony to get things cleaned up and upload the photos from his camera. Anthony reminds Jace that he is doing a test shoot of his own and asks one more time for permission to use the studio and Jace’s equipment. Jace heads out of the studio and Anthony begins cleaning and getting the studio ready for his shoot. Dustin arrives just as Anthony has finished setting up the studio. Anthony is nervous as he is a new photographer, but Dustin is immediately comfortable in front of the camera and he tells Anthony that he is getting turned on. Soon they are both kissing and revealing their huge cocks. Dustin at a little over 8 inches and Anthony who is about 9 inches and very thick. They exchange blow jobs and then Anthony fucks Dustin first at his request. Dustin then fucks Anthony and the scene ends with Anthony riding Dustin’s cock until he explodes a creamy nut on Dustin’s chest. Dustin then stands up and shoots his load on Anthony’s eager face.

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Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 (getting, mirror, new, dick) Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 - new, getting, dick, mirror
Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 (new, getting, dick, mirror) dick new mirror - (Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2)

Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 - new, getting, dick.
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Extra Big Dicks - The Photo Studio Part 2 - dick, new, mirror, getting



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